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A vocal coach standing behind the Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance

Ron Anderson, a vocal coach standing behind the memorable Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance

the Weeknd Super Bowl 2021: with voice coach Ron Anderson and Pipe Perez
The Weeknd with voice coach Ron Anderson and Dr. Pipe Perez from Voixtek

Everybody knows that the performance at the American Super Bowl Halftime is a special moment for every artist. It is both a real honor and privilege. And, of course, an awareness of being watched by nearly a hundred million people. That is why you have to prepare and construct such performance literally from scratch. Also excellently in the tiniest details. Undoubtedly, even the biggest music stars feel stage fright and respect before such a huge event. There, on stage and at this particular time, everything straightforwardly must go flawless. No mistakes, no delays. No note fails during singing. Decidedly, all of this requires a comprehensive human base. You need, among others, technicians, choreographers, musicians, and managers. Furthermore, what is crystal clear for any professional singer, a vocal coach. And when it came to a show of this magnitude, there could only be one. Meet Ron Anderson, a vocal coach to the stars.

the Weeknd Super Bowl 2021 performance
The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance in 2021

A rising to the challenge, despite the pandemic limitations

When the media revealed that The Weeknd would be the star of this year’s edition of the show, expectations were very high. Moreover, it was supposed to be a unique performance for many reasons. One of them was that due to the pandemic, only 25,000 spectators sat in the audience. Despite this, the artist rose to the challenge. He collected many positive reviews from both critics and fans. And undoubtedly, his performance will be one of the most memorable of all time. One thing that the spectators frequently noticed was the quality of the Weeknd’s voice. But there was no coincidence about it. Why? Because the guy responsible for this part of the show preparations was Ron Anderson. The man called a professional singing teacher to the stars. Also, a former classical singer and a long-time collaborator of many top-shelf artists. Like Kylie Minogue, Alicia Keys, Natalie Imbruglia, or Nelly Furtado. In every way, the Weeknd was in good hands.

the Weeknd Super Bowl 2021 performance
The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance in 2021

Who is Ron Anderson, a vocal coach to the stars, and how does he work with his clients?

Speaking shortly, he is an extraordinary man working uniquely. Precisely, it is what every star who has taken the classes from Ron says. Why? Because Ron is not just another vocal coach. He is a former opera singer himself. He spent years on stage performing the hardest singing parts that human culture produced. Thus, Ron had to master the techniques of performing long, powerfully, and without any fail. At the same time, he had to sing without harmful overstraining his vocal cords. Decisively, this level of mastery needs comprehensive knowledge. Mainly about human anatomy, the vocal box, and a holistic approach to vocals. And this what Ron does and what he teaches. As a classical singer, he possesses even centuries-old knowledge. Among others, about making a performance easy and pleasurable but reliable. Ron always brings out the best from anyone. When hiring him, The Weeknd surely knew what he was doing.

the Weeknd Super Bowl 2021 performance
The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance in 2021

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