Who is behind Voixtek

Ron Anderson, dr Juan Perez and their Voixtek, vocal tips from professional singing coach to the stars

Are You a frustrated singer? Do You love to sing, but You see a level above which You cannot rise? We have a perfect solution for You. We helped many persons like You before. Among them are magazine cover stars of the rock music world and not only. Everyone can sing, and every singing is beautiful. But reaching a professional level of vocals is just another thing. You can practice singing for years, making still the same mistakes and not achieving any progress. You can even be a local star but still sound like an amateur.

This is why even the most self-confident artist should decide to receive a little help from their friends like us. There are advanced vocal techniques, just unreachable without the professional support that we provide. So how to improve Your vocals? We have two perfect solutions. The first one is singing App Voixtek. The second – the lessons with professional vocals coach Ron Anderson.

Who are we? Why should You use our services?

First – take Your voice and singing at the highest possible level. Second – to save it. Using a voice provides a lot of satisfaction and positive emotions. But doing it in an incompetent way can hurt You and destroy Your vocal box. Our services make possible pushing Your abilities to the limit without any unpleasant consequences. Our work and results come from our combined technical skills and the gathering of knowledge over the years. Ron Anderson is a professional voice teacher with 50 – years legacy. Juan Perez is a dentist. Their joint work through 18 years has brought a completely new, effective approach to singing.

It turns out that perfect vocals are a unique combination of mind and body relations. All those years gathered knowledge we put into our voice training application. Voixtek is the culmination of everything we have learned through decades of helping people. And also a perfect way to make Your singing better.

Be just like pop and rock stars who trusted us

Through all these years, we helped many stars. Among our friends are Axl Rose, Chris Cornell, Myles Kennedy, and many more. A lot of them honestly admitted that our points and pieces of advice made them take a whole new perspective on singing. Some of them were very surprised they could sing so well. It is a myth that You need a unique talent to be a good vocalist. Much more, You need good technique and proper exercises. Well, this is what Voixtek is about. It is a singing lesson in perfect isolation. It allows You to completely cut off from external stimuli and focus on body, mind, and… on improving Your vocals. It is a unique way to understand singing. And when we understand what it really is – then we can work to make it better. Ron Anderson will be Your guide on a wonderful journey through the secrets of using Your voice perfectly. Join in.