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Who is Daniella Pavicic vocal coach?

Who is Daniella Pavicic’s vocal coach? Daniella Pavicic worked with vocal coach Ron Anderson to improve her singing. In the video testimonial below she gives more details about the cooperation.

Who is Daniella Pavicic’s vocal coach?

What has Ron done for me… I mean, my world is music, and I need to figure out how to deliver the music that I have in my heart. And he’s out me deliver that. He’s out me feel at ease with my voice. I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I was at the point where I was like it got so technical. And I’m like this is not fun anymore. I don’t want to be thinking about how I’m going to hit that note. I just want to do it. And I want to sing the words that I wrote. So, Ron has made help me do that, he has. He is incredible. I can enjoy it again. Enjoy singing. I’m not afraid to get up on stage. I’m not afraid to go to the studio. And, in fact, my time in the studio is completely minimized. So, definitely, Ron has changed my life.

Who is Daniella Pavicic? Croatian heart with a true Canadian talent

Daniella Pavicic is a Croatian-Canadian singer, composer, and songwriter. Indeed, she is best known as an author and performer of the “Every Word” song, which she released in November 2008. Surprisingly, this tune took first place on the Billboard list in the dance record category. In January 2009, “Every Word” also received the number one song award from the Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada. Pavicic grew up in the suburbs of Toronto. In the town of Mississauga precisely. She became interested in music at a very young age. She has been attending a Catholic School. There, besides receiving education, Daniella started to sing in the school choir. Furthermore, she began playing the piano and the tambura. Due to her Croatian origins, she performed Croatian folklore, modern, and ballet dance. The artist started her activity in selected talent shows. Among the others, Daniella starred in televised music festivals in Neum and Sibenik. The beginnings were solid.

Joining the elite of the dance music composers and performers

Soon Daniella started to share the stage with renowned Croatian artists as Severina, Thompson, and Tereza Kesovija. But already this kind of music was not enough. After taking the first steps in the industry and strengthen her position, the artist has turned into more dance music. We did not have to wait long for the effects. In 2007, Pavicic co-wrote with Alexander Perls and Leonid Rudenko the song “Summerfish,” which became the number one Song of the Year on BPM XM Satellite radio. It was a huge success. Even such DJs as Tiesto did play this track. The song introduced Daniella as a talented and promising dance music composer. Despite this, the artist did not slow down. Next year, in collaboration with the Finnish producer Ercola (Veikka Ercola, born 31 January 1979.), Daniella released a single “Every Word” (January 2008). The song became a major hit frequently played by DJs on the dancefloors all over the world. The elite gates opened.

One of the most intriguing voices in the Hi-NRG music genre

Pavicic position in the world of dance music was no longer debatable. But she also distinguished herself as an original vocalist with an intriguing voice. Meanwhile, the popularity of “Every Word” seemed not to cease. The song got an official video aired in Canada and MTV Dance in the UK. It received a nomination for the Best Hi-NRG track of the year as well. At the same time, Daniella started the collaboration with a professional teacher to the stars, Ron Anderson.

Daniella Pavicic cooperation with voice coach Ron Anderson

Decisively, the artist possesses a strong indigenous voice that shows its power directly in dance music. But, as Pavicic admits, with time, her singing became too technical. The spark had gone. Fortunately, with Ron’s help, everything straightforwardly has become back on the right track. Again, singing is a true passion and pleasure for the artist. Undoubtedly, Anderson ordinarily saved her life. Right now, Daniella can precisely and confidently hit each note she wishes. Once more, vocals are fun.

Vocal coach Ron Anderson in his studio
Daniella Pavicic’s vocal coach Ron Anderson in his studio

Daniella Pavicic’s vocal coach other famous students

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