Who is the Vocal Trainer Voixman

“Voixman™” is your vocal trainer, expert, and new best friend on your road to becoming a better singer using the vocal coaching app Voixtek.

A representative of human physiology, Voixman gives you a 3D-look at the interactions between human muscles and organs for optimal sound production. Thanks to this visualization, you can understand easier what to do during exercises. Training becomes more productive, and you can achieve your goals faster.

He’s an animated and interactive 3D visual character who guides you through the voice training program.

Train your voice with animated vocal trainer Voixman

Voixtek® was created to help you achieve your best vocal tonal quality. Voixman will be your personal visual aid. Through detailed visuals, you’ll learn how to avoid “the breaks” in your voice.

You’ll have a constant fluidity of sound without hurting your throat or larynx.

Because of Voixman, you’ll build stamina, strength, and a powerful voice. Once you experience Voixman, you’ll never want to be without him.

Voixman will show you how to use your body for singing better

When you train with Voixman, he’ll depict some of the most important internal organ singing movements. By pushing in and pushing out with your abdominal muscles, you’ll recognize the correct behavior to support your sound without constriction.

You’ll reach notes with full control while being light on your throat muscles. From your diaphragm to the jaw, vocal trainer Voixman will demonstrate exactly how to use your body for maximum tone, pitch, and volume.

How to become a better singer using your mind?

Your brain is a major part of singing — and Voixman teaches you the proper experience. By correcting and connecting notes in our brains, you can reward your mind by stimulating it with your own sound.

Through sonic, visual imagination, and neural connectivity, you’ll develop the cognitive capacity to detect (and often replace) bad notes with the body’s support. Your brain’s engagement makes Voixtek a fully personalized experience that will help you reach your potential as a professional singer.

With vocal trainer app Voixtek you will train like the world’s best singers wherever you want.

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