Why should you train your body to sing better

The voice box is just one of the resonant chambers, but the most delicate one when you use it incorrectly. The soft tissue that comprises the vocal cords needs to be treated correctly just as when you hit a piano or a guitar chord with elegance and finesse.

But for that to happen you need to understand first that your body IS your whole instrument.

So teaching it to have the proper abdominal technique for support and to keep the diaphragm in the place it belongs and having it become second nature is the most important part of training!

By understanding your body’s rhythms and melodic muscular changes you will indeed learn how to balance the muscular forces that benefit your singing in a way that all resonant chambers act in unison to prevent injuries in your vocal cords and make your body automatically adjust to the flow of air that will bring the best of sounds and define your unique tone and identity in your sound.

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We don’t want to emulate other artists. You should and must sound like you.

And Voixtek will take you there.