Why should you train your mind to sing better

Your brain controls your body, and yes, even controls your voice. Aside from the mental health benefits singing has, you must reprogram your mind with the NEW technique so it could make them the new correct habit.

The more you work with the Voixtek Method, you will begin to notice how each time your sound is correct your brain makes a note of that placement. As with any other instrument, The body exercise guidance is giving your sound a safe process and when you are connecting the dots it becomes second nature. YOU LEARN TECHNIQUE TO FORGET TECHNIQUE. Without your brain, you wouldn’t know how to instruct your body and feel the sensations that benefit your voice.

This illustration shows Voixman, a visual guide that helps our users to understand how human body works when generating sounds. Learn more about Voixman (click)

The constant ease of airflow and the correct use of the fundamental frequency of sound traveling to the base of your skull FOR ADDED RESONANCE AND OVERTONE CONTROL will become second nature when you apply these exercise patterns to your routine and at the same time stimulating your speech, language and hearing areas to add confidence to your voice.