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Why touring can damage a singer’s voice?

Can a professional vocal coach protect you from voice damage?

Intense touring is one of the most frequently pointed out reasons for which vocalists suffer the most. The long months of worldwide traveling and singing show after the show are the best recipe for permanent damage of the vocal cords. In particular, when we sing improperly. Along with this, touring is never only an evening show. Tours are parties, meet and greets, long trips, lack of sleep, and, usually, a lot of alcohol. All these factors have a significant influence on voice condition. And, unfortunately, it is not a positive influence. When a harmful diet and exhaustion combines with improper singing habits, a catastrophe seems to be inevitable. And then, the next day in the morning, our voice is lost, and our throat is pure hell. No one simply saves himself away during the tour! Luckily, there exists a basic solution. At least, for the proper singing practice. And it can be helped by a professional vocal coach.

Vocal coach can help artists on tours to protect their voice from damage. (Ron Anderson with Richie Sambora)

Ron Anderson, a vocal teacher to the stars, tour supporter, and a roadie extraordinaire

A gifted vocal trainer supporting vocalists during the tour is a jewel. Not only is he an assistance, but also a truthful keeper and watchman. Additionally, he maintains the high quality and the superior shape of our voice. Along with that, only his presence helps with daily sleeping, healthy eating, and practice routine. Ron is perfect in these circumstances. Even Ann Mincielli, a demanding sound engineer and producer, admits that Ron is, without adornment, the best in his craft. And, most important, he stays professional in case of emergency. Is it Nelly Furtado before her Grammy Awards show or Matt Heafy before the Trivium’s worldwide tour? Or maybe, is it Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning before their first-ever performances? Ron is always in the place with his keyboard and positive attitude. The true last man standing having a solution for any vocals problems. Indeed, always helpful and ready to go to every place in the world to make your voice working again.

The poor singing technique can lead to voice damage!

That’s right. Especially on the tour, when you sing evening after evening. But how can you know that your technique is improper? The answer is a professional vocal coach. Do you feel that resistance to a note when you are singing? How about the fear of losing control of the note and cracking? Well, if you are like many singers, that fear is embedded in us all. The answer to that fear is knowing your instrument and understanding that it’s more than just notes. It’s about the correct body ergonomics for your voice to flow in a completely natural state. In 2017 Adele had to cancel her two Wembley Stadium concerts. Then, the media described her battle with voice. Indeed, it happens to everyone. Even the best singers sometimes lose this battle. There are irreversible cases when vocal cords need surgical intervention. Ron Anderson helped many stars to avoid that. Among them are Hayley Williams, Chris Carabba, and Christina Perri.

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