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10 tips on how to win The Voice audition

Do you wonder how to win the Voice audition? Check out our list of 10 tips, prepared by the vocal coach Ron Anderson. Ron worked with The Voice for many years.

When it comes to getting noticed at an audition, you must first master the technique behind singing. Many of the celebrity coaches on The Voice have indeed trained under Ron Anderson and his Voixtek Method. When you internalize the method, you gain an understanding of how your instrument truly works.

How to win The Voice audition and get noticed

To master an audition, you must have complete control of your voice. From the moment that you walk into the audition Hall, you are being judged. By the time you get to start singing your song, you have already spoken to the judges and producers that are in the room. You must now create an unforgettable experience for everyone there.

From that first breath and how your voice, body, and mind all move and work together, each phrase you sing will directly show the level of your training and the mastering of your technique.

Yes, to capture the attention of the people at an audition for a show requires a package deal. This package is a voice, a persona, and a unique style that will leave them wanting more. But no matter the level of experience, in the end, your voice must be able to perform a very demanding schedule. Don’t be a victim to your voice. Be the person in control of it, and you will experience freedom in singing for the rest of your life.

10 tips on how to win The Voice audition from Ron Anderson

Tip #01. Train your voice and be consistent

When you are training your voice, consistency is vital. If you do not develop a regular schedule to train, develop, and grow your voice, you will not experience immediate results. Most artists experience hardship when singing Because they failed to keep their instruments in shape and ready to work.

Tip #02. Be sure to take enough sleep

Sleeping and resting your body is essential to keeping your instrument on track and ready to work at the drop of a hat. Without the proper rest, You will surely notice the lack of control, and the fatigue invoice will experience when performing.

Tip #03. Stay hydrated. Water is essential to keep your voice healthy

Keeping hydrated is a basic need for every person, but for singers, you must keep water with you, especially on performance days, all day long.

Tip #04. Take care of the proper diet.

Now we all know food is necessary for our daily functions. When singers are about to perform, it is vital that they eat 2 hours before their performance and that the meal has plenty of protein. Giving yourself 2 hours to eat and get ready to perform allows your body to have sufficient nutrients and energy that singing and performing will demand of your body.

Tip #05. Warm up your voice.

Not warming up your voice before a performance is detrimental to how your performance will be. A proper warm-up routine must be in Your Arsenal as a professional singer. Knowing exactly when your voice is ready to sing is more important than singing. Make sure you have a good warm-up routine that you can count on.

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Tip #06. … and then cool down!

Every singer knows about warming up. When we ask them about their cool-down routine, many of them just say that it’s not part of their performance. Any trained professional singer will tell you that the most crucial part of their performance is making sure they properly cool their voices down right after. You have a 45-minute window, after a concert, to properly cool down your voice, reset and realign it. This will ensure that there is no swelling and no hoarseness the next day.

How to win the Voice audition, tips by Ron Anderson
Ron Anderson trained many of the celebrity coaches on The Voice

Tip #07. Listen

As singers and performers, we use our ears to pitch match, listen to the band around us, the track we’re singing along to, and many other people at once. When we say listen, it’s not about the musical ears but listening to your body. At Voixtek, we say that your instrument is your voice, body, and mind. You must listen to how your body is feeling, and you can correct any resistance that should not be felt during singing. The more you train, the more this will become second nature, which is why consistency is key.

Tip #08. Vowel modification will enhance your control over your singing

You would be surprised to learn the number of professional singers out there that have never been trained and have no idea what a vowel modification is. Frankly, vowel modification is advanced training, which is usually made accessible to those singers that:

  • have experience in classical conditioning,
  • Opera training and
  • for those who have learned with Ron and use The Voixtek Method.

The reality is that the modification of vowels enhances your control when singing through the passagio and executing high notes with zero resistance, effortlessly.

Tip #09. Take care of your health to sing better

Your health will immediately affect your ability to perform and sing. Your voice, body, and mind will only work in unison if you are in good health. Making sure that you protect your instrument, which is your body, is essential to the growth of every singer. Eat well—sleep well and exercise.

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Tip #10. And always remember to… HAVE FUN!

Once you have trained and have learned how to master the art of the Voixtek Method, you will find freedom in singing like no other. You will enjoy every performance, every song, every note you sing. After all, that is the purpose of singing, being free, and having fun. The audience will only be entertained if you yourself are enjoying the experience.

Sing well!

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